70% Solution: The Marine Corps Framework for Making Battlefield Decisions for Small Businesses By- Steve Maleh

In Marine Corps, Commanders need to settle on key decisions in less than ideal conditions on the combat zone constantly. This urged the Marine Corps to make a system in which their officials figure out how to assist them with making command decisions—even if they don’t have all the data or the troop strength they’d need to guarantee success. Driving an independent company or a small business probably won’t be the combat zone, yet some of the time it requires us to settle on choices in less than perfect conditions.


The Marines encourage their young officials in what they call the 70 percent arrangement. It could be a decent system to consider for settling on choices in circumstances where you don’t have all the data or assets you’d prefer to have:


  • Do you have 70 percent of the Intel you think you’ll require? In an ideal world, you’ll have all the data you have to settle on educated choices. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. In any case, on the off chance that you have the vast majority of the data you’d prefer to have, you can still make a sound judgment—if you acknowledge the fact that you may need to modify and make up for the data you don’t have. The Prussian military strategist Carl von Clausewitz coined the adage “The Fog of War” to portray front line vulnerability. Entrepreneurs regularly experience something similar; and in the same way, as military officers need to adjust accordingly as things become clearer in the light of fight, entrepreneurs need to adjust as they execute on their market strategies.


  • Do you have 70 percent of the assets you need? Like a War Zone Commander, most small business owners never have all the assets required to meet their targets. Even if you have great individuals to work with and the majority of what you need, it can be sufficient. Finding innovative answers to difficulties is a sign of effective entrepreneurs. Making sense of the best approach around, under, or over an issue with less than perfect circumstances often decides the difference between success and failure.


  • Are you 70% confident your plan will succeed?This means that do you feel confident of the fact that you can achieve success with the amount of data and resources you have? The Marines accept that an effectively thought out arrangement, alongside stepping up to the occasion, is bound to prevail than sitting idle. In spite of the fact that the choices you’ll make as an entrepreneur won’t certainly have grave consequences as those made by a Marine official in the fight, a first-rate plan can assist you with accomplishing your marketplace objectives, especially when conditions aren’t great.


By discussing the 70 percent arrangement I’m not recommending that making reckless or clueless choices is a decent practice. I don’t accept there’s anything clueless about the 70 percent arrangement. On the contrary, its about getting all the data you can, gathering every one of the assets accessible, and feeling certain about pushing ahead, depending on what you know and what’s accessible to you.

A lot of carrying a small business is about making and executing your decisions. If you have a large portion of the data you need, the majority of the resources you think you’ll need, and if you like the plan, execute. Keep in mind, the Marine Corps believes that a first-class plan has a superior possibility of getting you succeeded than sitting idle!

Author Steve Maleh

A seasoned businessman and 3rd generation entrepreneur, Steve Maleh has founded and started dozens of businesses over the past twenty years. From retail to restaurants, to technology, several of which were sold, and several of which are multi-million dollar operations today.

Prior to his venture into the mobile space, Steve used his Architectural degrees to build, develop and renovate over 30 million dollars in real estate.

In addition to his own businesses and ventures, Steve has been actively sharing his expertise and knowledge with other entrepreneurs.  Acting as an angel investor in several start-up retail businesses.

Steve Maleh holds a Bachelors’s degree in Architecture and entrepreneurship from the University of Miami and has also taken master classes at Columbia University in real estate development and entrepreneurship.

Steve is currently looking forward to being part of the future innovation in the theatre application market with the launch of his new technology venture SNAX®.

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