Steve Maleh

Steve Maleh is a veteran executive of many different entrepreneurial genres. From retail businesses, restaurants, and real estate companies, to construction consulting, and mobile technologies. Steve has founded and developed several multi million dollar companies.

Steve Maleh

Serial Entrepreneur

Angel Investing

More that his own companies, Steve Maleh acts as an angel investor and mentor. Steve actively contributes his own experience and resources to other young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Steve also consults and plays an advisory role with several management teams, board members, and institutional funds on early stage developments.

Real Estate Developing

Steve Maleh trained as an architect, is also an active real estate developer. Steve actively searches for derelict or abandoned properties in various neighborhoods, and works in conjunction with city officials and urban development agencies to bring affordable housing to middle and lower income neighborhoods. Steve have been rebuilding homes for over 20 years now and has received various city commendations for his efforts in several local communities.
Steve maleh is currently founder and ceo of a mobile technology company called snax. Snax is a mobile phone application that allows users to order concessions from their phone at their seat, and then to have those items delivered directly to them at their seat.